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Artist isrc title producer record_label release_date date_created
2thou3Major ZA-FDD-20-00002 On The Grind AudioTwoKings Mansion Royal Records 2020-12-24 2020-12-24
Sick Lemon ZA-YCN-20-00057 ON THE HORISON Ryno Zeelie Figure Of 8 Productions 2020-01-31 2020-02-28
D Force SA ZA-462-20-00008 On The Hustle & Back Afro G Royal Source Media 2020-05-24 2020-05-19
Ambii ZA-777-21-00002 On the leash Pirelli laflare 2021-02-25 2021-02-24
Capital Rickana ZA-PIE-20-02533 On the move 2020-09-29 2020-12-18
IKAYINFINITE ZA-0HR-17-00006 On The Move IKAYINFINITE Pictures Painted 2017-03-25 2019-12-18
Derek Eyden ZA-NMM-21-01001 On The Outside Derek Eydenb 2021-01-27 2021-01-11
Every Nation Durbanville ZA-XA3-20-00002 On the peak or in the valley 2020-01-14 2020-08-31
Lyri-K ZA-NGH-20-00041 On the Road Chef Anderson Epic Discovery Records 2020-10-24 2020-10-11
Over Dope On Self Excellence (Pty) Ltd) ZA-8N2-19-00005 On The Road (feat. 220) Rabbeat Over Dope On Self Excellence (Pty) Ltd 2019-02-28 2020-01-22
Twin Guitars ZA-IFM-20-00003 On the road again Jaco Welthagen Twin Guitars 2020-08-06 2020-08-12
eMJay ZA-Z4C-20-00001 On the side eMJay 2020-11-28 2020-06-08
Snow Flakes ZA-QRV-20-00001 On the way Easy-K MOONLYT STUDIOS 2020-08-21 2020-08-21
Playboi Picasso ZA-NTU-19-00003 On the way Lytton Scott 2019-07-06 2020-01-19
EmceeCurtis ZA-H0Z-20-00007 On The Way TIG Godly-Touch Records 2020-08-17 2020-09-06
PoiSoN ZA-WWB-21-00001 On the way Dr sedative Venom City 2021-02-28 2021-02-26
PoiSoN ZA-WWB-21-00002 On the way Dr sedative Venom City 2021-02-28 2021-02-26
2Mello_Music ZA-SFY-20-00001 On the weekend 2Mello_Music (Tumelo Sebolai) ORT production 2020-10-15 2020-10-17
Die Campbells ZA-CT3-20-00032 On The Wings Of A Nightingale Tony Campbell Campbell Records 2020-05-31 2020-07-06
Nutty Boy ZA-NFJ-20-00002 On to the grind Redskull Records Incredi-gang 2020-02-15 2020-01-28
DyReK ZA-HJF-20-00011 On Top Peter-John Mitchell Wilnestor Vd Westhuizen T.O.S Records 2020-05-31 2020-05-14
STATIC SPACE ZA-5OP-16-00006 On Top Shavaane Harker Static Productions 2016-06-30 2020-08-27
KAPITAL KAYMO ZA-KGV-20-00001 On Top of Me (O.T.O.M) Trax by 16 Kapital KAYMO 2020-01-13 2020-02-21
Msuthu ZA-WJC-14-00003 On top of my game Uno Sanda Independent artist 2014-03-06 2020-05-16
LindoKuhleArt ZA-REZ-20-00001 On Tv LindokuhleArt 2020-07-23 2020-07-29