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Artist isrc title producer record_label release_date date_created
K Kapture ZA-LRH-20-00005 Trap Cut Tape BlacK TeE Ghetto Vill Records & Projects 2021-02-27 2021-02-12
MAJOR PURGATORY ZA-ZRN-20-00003 Trap drum Creedy beats 2020-02-06 2020-02-13
P_Arso ZA-SPH-20-00002 Trap Flow Lxst Sxul 2020-05-07 2020-04-20
Hyperboi Beatz ZA-ZDC-20-00011 Trap Hard Hyperboi Beatz 2020-12-02 2020-12-02
EARTH KWAKE ZA-ZXS-20-00022 Trap house Tlotlo (Mula) Mosiane Dreamsellers 2020-02-06 2020-02-01
The Moon_Walker ZA-IFH-20-00041 Trap House Rules The Moon_Walker N/A 2020-03-19 2020-08-21
Young Kay ZA-GVZ-20-00002 Trap in the hood 2020-11-24 2020-11-25
Large Group Entertainment ZA-W0Q-21-00018 Trap Life McWizBeats Large Group Entertainment 2021-01-03 2021-01-04
FAME ZA-HIX-20-00003 Trap Madness FAME Steady Tryna Maintain Records 2020-04-30 2020-12-12
Meego Classi6 ZA-9T9-20-00001 Trap Mode MeeGo Classics Lucibar Red Lights Record 2020-11-29 2020-11-11
Over Dope On Self Excellence (Pty) Ltd) ZA-8N2-18-00001 Trap Nigga (feat. Dee2, Boi D, PrinceLamoPurp) Soulsmith VII Over Dope On Self Excellence (Pty) Ltd 2018-08-14 2020-01-22
T.O.N.I.C ZA-NV5-20-00001 Trap On It T.O.N.I.C 2020-12-06 2020-12-06
D Force SA ZA-462-20-00005 Trap Or Die Owza Digital(Olwethu Nyondo) Royal Source Media 2020-04-24 2020-05-18
LAWD-E ZA-912-20-00003 Trap Queen Jaybeats N/A 2020-02-27 2020-02-18
YUNG NASTY XVI ZA-9C3-19-08010 Trap Session (feat. Jay Purp ZA) Tarr 184 Slick Dreamz Entertainment 2019-06-27 2019-08-20
JAY PURP Z.A ZA-9C5-20-00028 Trap Session (feat. Yung Nasty XVI) JAE 808 Slick Dreamz Empire 2020-08-18 2020-12-30
Apocalypse_1028 ZA-735-20-00010 Trap Session (Outro) Grvvn land Studios 2020-10-27 2020-10-26
Studda - 2 ZA-ZKW-21-00006 Trap Star Michael touhy Dopeboy Business Ent 2021-03-04 2021-02-27
Strictly Deigh ZA-0NX-19-08002 Trap Stories Independent 2019-06-02 2019-11-05
RealTau ZA-7NM-19-00008 Trap Terminator MultiverseBeeats GetUpMovement 2019-12-07 2019-12-08
Incredible Man Kind ZA-XMT-19-00014 Trap trap Incredible Man Kind House Holds Records 2019-07-31 2019-12-05
Young tung ZA-73P-20-00004 Trap trap Young pike Unsigned 2020-11-23 2020-11-21
SjavasDaDeejay ZA-0JX-19-00009 Trap(Original Mix) SjavasDaDeejay Radio Active Records/SA 2019-11-30 2019-11-24
Ambii ZA-777-20-00001 TrapHouse Flight otino & casno N/A 2020-04-16 2020-04-17