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Artist isrc title producer record_label release_date date_created
Da Monzu SA ZA-ISA-11-00011 The Journey EP Da Monzu SA Da Monzu SA 2020-08-23 2020-08-24
Dj Forlorn ZA-8XY-17-00001 The Journey From West Dj Forlorn 2017-10-19 2020-03-03
SIZ Maverick ZA-PDK-20-00003 The Journey Inwards (Instrumental) Ntsikayesizwe Makhitha Level Infinity 2020-11-22 2020-11-21
SIZ Maverick ZA-PDK-20-00004 The Journey Inwards (Instrumental) Ntsikayesizwe Makhitha Level Infinity 2020-11-22 2020-11-21
Problem Child Ten83 ZA-3G6-18-00036 The Jump-Off Theme (Ten83 Make-Over Mix) Problem Child Ten83 Doyoubeyou Records 2018-12-20 2020-09-14
El Sr Themba ZA-ISW-19-00003 The Keeper El Sr Themba 2019-12-18 2019-12-19
De Khoisan Afrikah ZA-528-19-08008 The Khoisan Dance De Khoisan Afrikah Afrikahs Movement 2019-11-14 2019-11-01
Dj Magesh ZA-LWW-20-00005 The Kings Palace Dj Magesh Deep Tunnels Record 2020-08-14 2020-10-23
Youngfedrich SA ZA-240-20-00010 The Lag [_2020LIVE_] YOUNGFEDRICH SA Just Opposite Media House 2020-08-10 2020-08-11
Pieter Hurter ZA-LRZ-21-00122 The Lakes of Malawi Pieter Hurter 2020-11-03 2021-01-08
Double Gee ZA-KNB-20-00125 The Lampstand (Ganjaj)oints) Surface Grind Entertainment 2020-10-24 2020-12-23
Nutty Boy ZA-NFJ-16-00002 The Last Redskull Records Incredigang 2016-12-19 2020-07-02
Keeno Worldwide ZA-HLX-20-00089 The Last (Remix) N/A Indiefy 2020-04-01 2020-05-15
Kabzin Kay ZA-1IQ-20-00007 The Last Kick Kabzin Kay 2019-12-03 2020-05-30
Louis mhlanga ZA-LGU-02-00003 THE LAST LAUGH Louis Mhlanga Shumba Productions 2002-01-03 2020-07-06
GULLY SETH ZA-0ZA-21-00018 The Last Supper Gweilo Fli Records 2021-02-27 2021-02-16
The Composition Band ZA-8ME-20-00016 The Last Tear Drop Mhlengi Nkonzo Mlotshwa Black Tool Music 2020-04-11 2020-04-11
Poiserlee ZA-8Z9-20-00029 The Last Temptation Poiserlee Poiserlee Entertainment 2020-10-28 2020-06-09
Khobi King ZA-MX6-16-00055 the last three days Khobi King Independent 2018-04-01 2020-04-18
DJ SMS SA ZA-QRY-20-00005 The Last Time We Meet DJ SMS SA ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC 2020-09-10 2020-09-02
Double Gee ZA-KNB-20-00089 The Last Words Of Jacob (Ganjaj)oints) Surface Grind Entertainment 2020-10-24 2020-12-23
Pahrez ZA ZA-7CX-21-00001 The Latibule Pahrez ZA Independent 2021-02-19 2021-02-14
dj khanes ZA-QMI-18-00002 the laughter song DJ Khanes none 2015-01-11 2020-02-03
DJ S'XokZin ZA-MNQ-20-00001 The Legacy (Forbidden Strings) DJ S'XokZin MEXO SOLUTIONS 2020-07-02 2020-07-03
Pieter Hurter ZA-LRZ-20-00033 The Letter PJH Music 2020-05-13 2020-05-14