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Artist isrc title producer record_label release_date date_created
Adriell Fellix ZA-MKG-21-00003 Cry Me A River Of Tears Adriell Fellix Adriell Fellix Beatz 2021-01-10 2021-01-07
Salvester47 ZB-L7Q-22-00010 Cry no more Dave Beatssa Indie 2022-05-26 2022-05-26
Lucmoz ZA-SSF-21-00050 Cry No More 808 ICU Making More Money 2021-09-16 2021-09-10
Lloydkay Sta ZA-MTY-21-00003 Cry No More African Duo None 2021-02-10 2021-02-12
King Stooz ZA-JE2-21-00012 CRY NO MORE King Stooz King Stooz 2021-08-13 2021-08-15
Presss ZA-60J-21-00028 Cry No More (Live Edition) Vusani Sihlangu Tambor Projects 2021-01-28 2021-01-15
Presss ZA-1H9-21-00005 Cry No More (Live Edition) Vusani Sihlangu Tambor Projects 2021-01-28 2021-01-15
Tedical ZA-7WK-21-00015 Cry No More Ft Lestainment & Morgansoull Oakley 808 Ted Effect 2021-07-09 2021-07-13
Mr Xtreme & Dj Matt ZA-VXR-21-00004 Cry No More Mr Xtreme ft Kwetsi Mpho Modiba Xtreme Audio Visual 2011-02-28 2021-09-08
DJ Tears PLK ZA-UYC-21-00055 Cry Now DJ Tears PLK DJ Tears PLK 2021-07-09 2021-07-27
Tshimega ZA-Z8B-20-00008 Cry of the peach tree Skillz 2020-08-07 2020-08-21
Tumi Shangwina ZA-8ND-21-00016 Cry On My Shoulder (feat. Tshepang Dean) Tumi Shangwina 2021-10-29 2021-09-18
T!zzyK_Kr!pleK-Morroch! ZA-6K9-21-00024 Cry Out Lloyd Maebela Morrochi Records 2021-04-29 2021-04-15
DashikiMadeIt ZB-N6S-23-00003 Cry Rivers DashikiMadeIt RCR 2023-11-12 2023-11-07
Gang Related 63atz ZB-HHD-22-00003 Cry S!s Gang Related 63atz Independent 2022-02-09 2022-02-10
Verticle ZA-ESF-20-00002 Cry Strings (feat. SK) ArrowSoul DARKFASE 2020-02-12 2020-05-30
The Staccatos ZB-JJE-23-00001 Cry to me Andre Hartman Infinity 2021-06-30 2023-01-28
Tytrack ZA-7LV-23-00007 Cry Tomorrow Tytrack 2022-11-22 2023-01-24
Fort Melarn ZA-VSE-22-00009 Cryin MoCix Independent 2022-06-15 2023-01-09
Inno Cougar ZA-6LJ-20-00006 Crying Boy Vegassness Allen Verbal Slaughter Gang 2020-09-29 2020-09-07
Sir Groove πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ ZA-71T-20-00004 crying keys boogieman 2020-10-04 2020-10-05
Alloy ZB-6UK-22-00006 crying out loud Smish Alloy Production 2022-03-10 2022-03-03
Baba Vuks ZA-2J3-21-00004 Crying Piano Vukile Lutywantsi Lokshin Life Records 2021-12-16 2021-12-18
Skrryano Clan ZB-NTX-23-00098 Crying Soul(Main Mix) Jovie_k Khem Basha 2023-01-07 2023-01-07
Archman ZA-PN5-21-00011 Crying To u Archie Mashego nkuzaTaem 2021-04-28 2021-04-28