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Artist isrc title producer record_label release_date date_created
Keeno Worldwide ZA-HLX-21-00208 Empire Keeno Worldwide Keeno Worldwide (Pty) Ltd 2021-08-25 2021-08-26
If Only You Knew ZB-9UV-23-00071 EMPIRE (feat. $EDI-K & Tycoonwiththebling) If Only You Knew & Tycoonwiththebling Audio Cafe 2023-07-03 2023-07-04
A.S.E ZA-7BY-22-00006 Empire ft Kwesta Esona "WillR" Salakuphathwa X Royale Studios (PTY) LTD 2022-06-23 2022-08-17
A.S.E ZA-7BZ-22-00003 Empire ft Kwesta Esona "WillR" Salakuphathwa X Royale Music (PTY) LTD 2022-08-11 2022-08-17
Elactronik Deepdolf ZA-NYC-20-00133 empire state of Sounds ELACTRONIK DEEPDOLF ELACTRONIK RECORDS 2020-01-31 2020-02-01
OH STINO ZA-0WI-19-08018 Employee Oh Stino The Journey Records 2019-04-14 2019-09-26
DopeShady ZA-DTG-22-00133 Empompini (feat. Nyosi_RSA, Gina de_B, DJ Raybel, Mpendulo & West Choice) DopeShady ON-EDjE Entertainment Pty LTD 2022-06-05 2022-06-06
Initial k mr.R ZB-71J-23-00019 Empower Initial k mr.R Red stripes entertainment network 2023-06-15 2023-08-01
Sick Lemon ZA-YCN-20-00144 Empowering Stomp Rock Figure Of 8 Productions 2020-08-31 2020-10-02
Tswanshall Records ZA-JAO-21-00010 Empress Leely - 1st sight [Looking 4wrd riddim] Jammin Media Music Group Jammin Media Music Group 2021-04-07 2021-04-08
Tswanshall Records ZA-JAO-21-00004 Empress Maffie Gee - Gaba Kitla Ba Mphetsa [Looking 4wrd riddim] Jammin Media Music Group Jammin Media Music Group 2021-04-07 2021-04-08
Abtruce ZA-OAA-22-00007 Empress Pheel'in Kefiloe Patrick Mabe Abtruce Records 2022-05-09 2022-05-08
Bahoel ZA-ZE7-20-00002 Empresssativa feat DJ Donny DJ Donny 2020-08-08 2020-08-09
$asko ZA-ZE5-23-00002 Empty (Get High, Don't Care) Andie Queue 2023-11-18 2023-11-11
N@7OR ZA-9ZH-21-00016 Empty (vox) Friendly Keys Production Independent 2021-11-11 2021-11-03
MagnificentSA ZA-622-20-00009 Empty di clip Under p Swid melody 2020-09-29 2020-09-15
Meel Vignetting ZA-4DX-20-00004 Empty Forever Stephan Bester (Stevie Mix) n/a 2020-12-31 2020-11-27
Prayze ZA-FPR-21-00006 Empty ft Ts Duster Fore 2021-11-18 2021-05-19
¥oung MJST¥ ZA-53H-20-00001 Empty Inside ¥oung MJST¥ 2020-06-20 2020-06-21
Kabelo63 ZB-I2M-22-00002 Empty Inside Nextlanebeat's 629cartel 2022-11-16 2022-11-17
MONGII24 ZA-FET-20-00008 Empty Paradise(Broken Pitched Vox) MONGII24 2020-08-01 2020-08-02
V3nyK3ys ZA-UGU-21-00002 Empty Pride V3nyK3ys Indie Mean Creative Media 2022-08-08 2021-02-12
Ms DD ZA-TG6-21-00014 Empty Promise Mr Es Tee Es Tee Music Production 2021-07-11 2021-08-06
AIRNKA ZA-XU1-21-00003 Empty Promises AIRNKA Independent 2020-09-17 2021-06-04