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Artist isrc title producer record_label release_date date_created
Yungdeezzuz ZA-R2E-21-00008 How Long OUT OF THIS WORLD ENTERTAINMENT Out Of This World Entertainment 2021-04-15 2021-04-07
MassiveGang ZB-PZP-22-00002 How Long John Lundun Orait Consulting 2022-01-20 2022-01-21
Yungdeezzuz ZA-AH8-21-00003 How Long (Official Music Video) Out Of This World Entertainment Out Of This World Entertainment 2021-10-21 2021-10-21
Couza DJ ZA-JPD-20-00081 How Long feat. Fako DJ Couza African Waves Entertainment 2021-06-24 2021-06-21
Candy Nm ZA-QMK-22-00035 How Long Ft Zaddy Candy nm The Lightning 2022-11-22 2022-11-09
CJ The Rap Star ZA-QXA-20-00003 How Long? CJ The Rap Star 2020-03-15 2020-05-30
Vinny Victory ZB-MDQ-22-00013 How many Vinny Victory 2022-12-09 2022-11-15
Txlr G ZA-006-21-00004 How many G Cally n Txlr G None 2021-08-19 2021-08-29
Nathi Costa ZB-9C7-22-00015 How Many Bars? Modise 2022-03-24 2022-03-25
Jae St Rose ZA-ACG-21-00008 How Many Hours Jae St Rose 3below Sound 2022-01-13 2021-12-13
Jay Martin ZA-63H-20-00004 How Many Souls (HMS) Lasnow N/A 2020-12-29 2020-12-30
LXRD MORDECAI ZA-ND6-21-00009 HOW MANY TIMES LLYDTHEFIRST Phonetic Sounds 2021-10-29 2021-10-26
Kwing BeeQue ZA-VTG-22-00005 How Many Times Billy Vuya 2022-08-13 2022-08-15
Tarryn Lamb ZA-3X6-23-00006 How Men of Yarn Theo Crous Abbotsford Records 2023-02-05 2023-02-01
Keeno Worldwide ZA-HLX-20-00130 How Much More DJ Pain 1 Keeno Worldwide (Pty) Ltd 2020-07-24 2020-06-29
The Plugg Music ZA-NEH-20-00024 How She Walk David Pailman Rhythm Corp V (Pty.) Ltd. 2020-05-21 2020-05-08
Pees Out ZA-FSL-23-00015 How Shud I BE Preadysan Independent 2022-05-30 2023-01-08
Over Dope On Self Excellence (Pty) Ltd) ZA-8N2-22-00112 How This Goes Over Dope On Self Excellence (Pty) Ltd 2022-02-10 2022-01-29
Orison ZB-D50-21-00003 How This Rap Do Orison Lungdeep Music 2021-07-15 2021-06-30
Orison ZB-D50-21-00012 How This Rap Do Orison Lungdeep Music 2021-07-15 2021-06-30
soulrevenge ZA-RAX-20-00018 How To Be Rich Papi Trevy N/A 2020-07-28 2020-07-29
Biino SA ZA-CHL-21-00001 How to boss C.Y.A 2021-09-23 2021-09-19
Mlazabeatz ZA-4B7-20-00010 How to break a heart Mlazabeatz Borale Inter Space (Pty) Ltd 2020-12-30 2020-12-19
Lin B ZA-095-20-00006 How To Dance TyraQeed teNFold / Dungeon Studios 2020-07-16 2020-10-09
ZEEMUZEEK ZB-AJK-22-00002 How to Heal Lwazi Chiliza Matthew and Grace 2022-03-31 2022-08-01