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Artist isrc title producer record_label release_date date_created
CzAr ODriego ZA-PF7-23-00017 Free Mind Afro 25 2023-10-04 2023-10-11
Jayblurhd ZB-J6H-23-00003 FREE MINDS JAYBLURHD JAYBLURHD 2022-06-15 2023-07-04
Mish Mosh ZA-IYX-20-00011 Free Mish Mosh Mish Mosh Double Two One Zero Studio 2017-03-15 2020-03-11
RoseGoldRani ZB-5YX-23-00006 Free My Mind Kilo In The Building Empire 2023-03-02 2023-09-01
Monelle ZA-SSR-20-00001 Free My Mind (Feat. Young Savy) iordn Redacted Music Group 2020-07-02 2020-06-16
Monelle ZA-9L7-20-00001 Free My Mind (Feat. Young Savy) iordn Redacted Music Group 2020-07-02 2020-06-16
Masilo The Healer ZA-SSR-21-00019 Free My Mind (Flotela Remix) Flotela Redacted Music Group 2021-04-22 2021-04-09
Leewar The Maniac ZA-3FV-22-00042 FREE my Style Leewar The Maniac Maniac Sounds 2022-09-01 2022-07-18
Fxsty ZB-J0Z-23-00022 Free myself Fxsty Trap4Life records 2023-09-07 2023-08-19
Fxsty ZB-J0Z-23-00018 Free myself Fxsty 2023-08-17 2023-07-28
lebitsi ZB-UCW-22-00001 free shot lebitsi 2022-03-18 2022-03-19
Francis Blaz3 ZA-391-22-00019 Free Smoke In Auckland Park Francis Blaz3 2022-05-26 2022-05-26
TGMMusiQ ZA-73Z-21-00009 Free Soul TGMMusiQ TGMMusiQ 2021-02-21 2021-02-22
THE BARTENDER ZA-SMY-20-00001 FREE SOUL DJ Kwena x THE BARTENDER 2020-02-06 2020-01-08
Mokoena Christopher ZA-1IA-18-00019 Free spirit Dj Fire and Mokoena Christopher The Mokoena household's entertainment 2018-03-03 2022-03-04
Mak4unique ZA-KQU-22-00008 Free Spirit Mak4unique Mak4unique MuziQue 2022-09-02 2022-08-28
Young Glamour Boy ZA-PNM-22-00022 Free Spirit Young Glamour Boy 2022-09-29 2022-09-08
JASOTHEBOY ZA-GRT-05-00003 Free Spirit Free Mind Jasotheboy/Be Tunz 2020-08-13 2020-07-31
Mr Prohibit ZA-J8D-22-00006 FREE STATE GOVERNOR MR PROHIBIT 2022-10-01 2022-10-01
YS FXR REAL ZA-K4E-21-00001 Free State Of Mind Kay 11 None 2021-06-29 2021-07-15
Taiidow ZA-S0L-21-00011 Free State Top 20 (CUT FM 2020 INTRO) Verbal Wolf Records 2021-02-07 2021-09-28
Khakhata ZA-DY4-22-00020 Free style move Carits Khakhatha Lahlamleze records 2022-06-29 2022-08-10
LEXO ZA-DDK-20-00014 free style.2 LEXO LexRock Pro 2020-07-22 2020-07-23
LEXO ZA-DDL-20-00003 free style.2 LEXO LexRock Pro 2020-07-22 2020-07-23
Kweeza ZA-I4S-20-00006 Free Thang New Skool_RSA 2020-01-30 2020-03-19