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Artist isrc title producer record_label release_date date_created
jane ZA-VOG-21-00002 Fireworks (Remix) Lorenzo Francisco Born Creative Music 2021-11-25 2021-11-20
Keeno Worldwide ZA-HLX-20-00063 Fireworks (Remix) N/A Keeno Worldwide (Pty) Ltd 2018-07-24 2020-05-15
jane ZA-VOG-21-00003 Fireworks (Remix) (Clean) Lorenzo Francisco Born Creative Music 2021-11-25 2021-11-20
VIBE DJ ZA-C8T-20-00007 FireWorks (Vibe DJ OnlyFans Remix) Awongiwe Jiba Vibenation Records 2020-08-26 2020-08-27
SIR JONES ZA-6U4-20-00004 First and the last Maano maphangwa Sir Jones music 2020-04-10 2020-04-14
Jhuda ZB-R9P-21-00003 First Attempt Jhuda & Brs 2021 ZISTO GIDOUN ENTERTAINMENT 2021-11-18 2021-11-18
McChick ZA-DM7-20-00003 First chapter German Starr Thabile Communications Pty Ltd 2020-11-20 2020-11-12
Over Dope On Self Excellence (Pty) Ltd) ZA-8N2-17-76206 First Dance (Interlude) Kevin Simpson Over Dope On Self Excellence Pty (Ltd) 2017-11-02 2020-06-18
Sling The Vibe ZA-0LL-19-00002 First Days Sling The Vibe 2018-11-21 2019-11-20
12,5kg Mazambane ZA-8RZ-21-00001 First Half modingone Dj mazambane Famous Vegetables productions 2021-01-05 2021-01-10
Thando ZA-1H3-20-00006 First in Line RBI Makes Music TKN Productions 2020-11-05 2020-11-29
Gevoel van veiligheid ZA-D0Y-21-00020 First Kiss Kaktus Records 2021-09-30 2021-10-29
Dorcas Word ZB-HFS-21-00001 First Love (Come Home) Carel Dobby Mokoena N/A 2021-07-31 2021-06-23
soulrevenge ZA-RAX-20-00022 First Meeting Papi Trevy None 2020-10-01 2020-09-26
Tefo Mahola ZA-3PN-20-00001 First Offering 2020-07-04 2020-07-01
Reagan Lipsons ZA-UFW-20-00006 First Pay Reagan Lipsons 2020-06-30 2020-04-03
Quest47 ZA-0GM-20-00002 First Place Quest47 Polaroid Records 2020-08-06 2020-07-09
Scott The Prodigy ZA-RLQ-20-00008 First Sight Sanxiety Purple Reign 2020-07-28 2020-03-15
OOH SHUCKS ZA-8KJ-20-00004 First Sight Ooh Shucks Independent artistt 2020-05-07 2020-05-05
Cridics.Blakeme ZA-BQN-21-00001 First Take Cridics.Blakeme 2021-05-20 2021-05-05
Romeo X ZA-ASR-21-00003 First Time Romeo X Corporate Musiq Record 2021-04-02 2021-04-01
Bull$ ZA-XY7-21-00004 First Timr Preview Blended ent. 2021-12-02 2021-12-03
Keeno Worldwide ZA-HLX-20-00101 First Up Luke White Keeno Worldwide (Pty) Ltd 2020-05-04 2020-05-15
Epic Moses ZB-RPQ-21-00007 Firstclass Life SAGe 36 The F.A.R.M Records 2021-06-24 2021-06-23
FIRSTCLASS RAPS ZA-8KH-20-00005 Firstclass Raps- Black Rose( prod by SwaAY) Tinyiko Maswangane/SwaAy Firstclass Raps 2019-02-13 2020-02-26