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Artist isrc title producer record_label release_date date_created
Law of Synth ZA-RON-21-00013 Bump in the night Christian Michael Gildenhuys C.M.G Records 2021-07-26 2021-07-24
SJ Maquzu ZA-DAZ-20-00001 Bumpa Man eve 2020-06-30 2020-07-13
Linsanity ZA-CYO-20-00001 Bumper to Bumper Linsanity 2020-01-31 2020-05-06
Sick Lemon ZA-YCN-20-00004 Bumpkin Beat Ryno Zeelie Figure Of 8 Productions 2020-01-31 2020-02-27
Mnandi Magroovah ZB-JHN-21-00001 Bums in the air Mnandi Magroovah Independant 2021-06-05 2021-07-05
Producer X ZA-XDD-20-00002 Bundle Of Joy Producer X 2020-05-23 2020-05-24
BZ The boy ZA-DAG-21-00010 Bundle Of Joy Thembalethu Tam-Tam Independent 2021-09-27 2021-09-28
BLVCK4ROST_ZA ZB-S5F-21-00001 Bundus(Piano action) BLVCK4ROST_ZA 2021-12-21 2021-12-21
DeeJay MqakXman ZA-4FV-20-00004 BunyaBunya DeeJay MqakXman & Madida feat Tourbite NorthWestMusic 2020-07-31 2020-08-19
DeeJay MqakXman ZA-8ES-20-00001 Bunyabunya DeeJay MqakXman & Madida NorthWestMusic 2020-11-30 2020-12-10
Buoy Fly ZB-GH7-22-00001 Buoy Fly - From The Dirt Prod. Gibbo Gibbo One Tune Entertainment 2021-11-24 2022-01-15
Bonolo Solomon ZA-LLG-21-00012 Burden Bonolo Solomon 2021-06-24 2021-06-07
vigoxnca ZB-TO4-21-00028 Burden On Me Vigoxnca & T-Sap 2020-01-19 2021-10-03
Die Campbells ZA-CT3-20-00013 Burger Dans (Pizza Hut) Tony Campbell Campbell Records 2020-04-05 2020-06-18
FAME ZA-HIX-20-00002 Burgundy Tops FAME Steady Tryna Maintain Records 2020-04-30 2020-12-12
PARKER GEEH ZA-OQU-21-00001 Buried Deep Bluzar & Charlie3rd Independent 2021-02-17 2021-01-28
Nick Khoury ZA-47Z-20-00002 Burn Nick Khoury SoundsOfTheBeat 2019-12-08 2020-06-14
BENIE ZA-8T9-19-08004 Burn Mok Going For Goals Records 2019-08-07 2019-10-15
4am (Band) ZA-48U-21-00002 Burn Clint Watts Independant 2017-06-06 2021-06-11
DJ Press Box ZB-GIR-18-00003 Burn DJ Press Box 2018-09-14 2021-09-28
Koisan Smaz ZA-WDQ-21-00028 Burn Koisan Smaz Upstream Music SA 2021-03-04 2021-09-23
Chantty Natural ZA-KGH-18-00003 Burn Bad Mind[ Concreat Jungle] Phemelo Moikabi Live Wire Records 2018-12-22 2020-06-13
Lost//Youth ZA-VYT-21-00005 Burn Every Bridge Ruan Vos & Alanna Joy Dead Pixie Productions 2022-01-06 2021-11-29
NOBLE GANG ZA-253-20-00014 Burn It UP Shandaan &DJ Young Lee Indie 2020-08-28 2020-08-29
Elactronik Deepdolf ZA-NYC-20-00184 Burn The EQ Volume (Inspire_Mix)EP ELACTRONIK DEEPDOLF ELACTRONIK RECORDS.INC 2020-06-19 2020-06-19