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Artist isrc title producer record_label release_date date_created
Kaisho Za ZB-9GN-22-00017 Cold kaisho 2022-10-17 2022-10-18
Crane Holyf ZA-PVP-20-00016 Cold Crane Holyf Crane Holyf 2020-08-10 2020-08-09
JAKKALZ_CPT ZB-JGW-22-00004 Cold Loo-natic Best Magnetic Records 2022-09-07 2022-08-30
ACTN ZA-5Z8-20-00001 COLD TWiSTED 66Vission 2020-03-09 2020-02-19
JAY PURP Z.A ZA-9C5-20-00026 Cold JAE 808 Slick Dreamz Empire 2020-08-18 2020-12-30
Tshimega ZA-Z8B-20-00001 Cold Skillz 2020-08-07 2020-08-21
SLY KIBBS ZB-H33-22-00016 Cold (ft. Mass The Difference) SLY KIBBS Independent 2023-10-21 2022-03-17
Swagga ZA-MPA-22-00030 Cold (Ft. Y.j & Bliss) Black Lion Karmic Dept Music 2022-11-24 2022-11-28
Blvckego ZA-XN5-22-00005 COLD (IN THE EAST) 031 Guapo BASEMENT ENTOURAGE. 2022-10-30 2022-09-29
K-I-Dro ZB-ST0-22-00005 Cold (INTERLUDE) Ivan Curtis ULTRA ENT. 2022-10-04 2022-09-23
Phix3r ZA-7LH-23-00013 Cold as ice Lunar 2023-10-12 2023-09-17
Marcus J ZA-BVF-20-00004 Cold Blooded Marcus Johannes Southern Intertainment 2020-05-14 2020-04-29
KennyK ZB-EMS-22-00004 Cold but hot DJ TP Grootmantebza Media Group Pty Ltd 2022-10-13 2022-09-29
KennyK ZB-EMS-22-00052 Cold but Hot DJ TP GROOTMANTEBZA MEDIA GROUP 2022-11-17 2022-11-15
Lil Bux ZB-5U3-22-00001 Cold Case La Kat Independent 2021-12-04 2022-06-03
Thesoulfoodsa ZA-8HV-22-00045 Cold city Thesoulfoodsa Impressive art entertainment 2022-08-30 2022-08-14
Tam Louise ZA-DQH-23-00004 COLD COLD COLD TAM LOUISE INDEPENDENT 2023-01-25 2023-01-25
cold torcher ZA-58Z-20-00001 Cold days Sdv Non 2019-03-12 2020-07-21
Moose_Exclusive ZA-2U4-21-00007 Cold Days Moose_Exclusive BLOCK 88 2021-11-23 2021-11-24
Arrow ZA-RPI-20-00007 Cold days in summer Arrow Malisian Music 2020-10-09 2020-10-10
Chaody ZA-A3X-21-00006 Cold Dinner kamohelo Hiine Chroniiic Records 2021-05-20 2021-05-21
Sk Beats ZA-XAB-20-00002 Cold Fear sk beats sk beats 2020-11-29 2020-02-18
Candy Nm ZA-QMK-23-00040 Cold Feat Green J, Trayvon98 & Listy R K Candy nm Lightning Record Label 2023-02-19 2023-02-24
Francis Blaz3 ZA-391-23-00025 COLD FEATURING PHATHU Francis Blaz3 Francis Blaz3 2021-11-25 2023-08-02
Zebraman ZA-GEA-20-00004 Cold Feet Johan Viljoen 2020-10-29 2020-10-07