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Artist isrc title producer record_label release_date date_created
Lolly Craze ZB-R7Y-24-00001 For us Lolly Craze Home Sounds Entertainment 2024-05-09 2024-04-21
EYE$ ZA-7JQ-20-00004 For Us Bosco Afreeca Armbrela Media 2020-07-24 2020-07-09
RYAN V ZA-W8W-23-00435 For us and the ones we love Konstand Spies Rescue 2023-08-24 2023-08-04
terrence? ZB-HD1-21-00004 For Us, the Imperfect terrence? 71 Film Club 2023-09-21 2023-09-27
Musical Jazz ZB-O4F-23-00010 FOR US3 Musical Jazz, Dj Njabsta, Djy TT Musical Jazz Entertainment 2024-01-04 2023-12-14
Herbie Tsoaeli ZB-OKO-22-00015 For Victor Ndlazilwana Herbie Tsoaeli iSandi Sarona (Pty) Ltd 2023-01-27 2022-12-09
Flex Rabanyan ZB-DZJ-22-00041 For Whatever Reason Rabayeezy Media (Pty) Ltd. 2018-12-17 2022-09-19
Mo Mogale ZA-1O6-18-00002 For women DMC KC Infinity 2018-11-08 2020-09-10
Don Jozi Vittano ZB-YWO-21-00001 For X Don Vittano Vittano Entsertainment 2021-11-14 2021-10-24
2kind ZA-UEJ-22-00017 for you 2k nms records 2022-03-09 2022-03-10
Steve Umculo ZA-RUD-24-00038 For You Stephen Anthony Haiden Steve Umculo (Pty) Ltd 2024-10-10 2024-07-12
SQ ZA-O6K-20-00006 For You Exclusive DJ Sound Proof Records 2020-09-13 2020-09-02
Au BrEy Audible ZA-9TR-21-00004 For You Au Brey Audible EnigmaMotley_Music 2021-05-16 2021-09-15
Jazzy Tshepo ZB-0LQ-22-00014 For You Jazzy Tshepo Black Excellence Entertainment 2022-09-12 2022-09-05
Silvertag ZA-ONW-24-00022 For You Cassius Mfundo Mnisi The Plug Music (Pty) Ltd 2024-06-13 2024-07-12
Christiaan Schlebusch ZA-WCR-20-00003 For You Christiaan Schlebusch Music Christiaan Schlebusch Music 2020-06-04 2020-06-05
2kind ZA-KCT-21-00008 For you 2k NMS records 2021-12-07 2021-12-08
PERCI D ZA-7YO-23-00002 For you Simon Phiri Ice cream Muzik Production 2023-02-26 2023-02-11
YahBoy Codi ZA-F3F-24-00009 For You 2024-06-13 2024-06-14
Chris Louie SA ZA-XII-21-00004 For you Ta KM, Zuko SA Independent 2021-08-22 2021-08-17
2kind ZA-KCT-22-00037 for you 2020-07-07 2022-05-12
Zyn Q ZA-TJO-21-00005 For You Fortunate Fresh Unity Fam Music Entertainment 2021-03-20 2021-03-21
Hustlapreneurs ZA-8QN-22-00004 For You King Ma.Asi Dream Sound Music Studios (Pty) Ltd 2021-08-05 2022-04-09
Quintin Savali ZA-JOM-23-00047 For You K187Records K187Records 2023-10-12 2023-10-13
M'Eleven ZA-8Y5-22-00018 For You Flight Otino 2022-10-05 2022-09-25